Your Future Awaits

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Maybe you're getting ready to graduate from high school, or perhaps you aren't satisfied with your current career or income. What is your next move? Chances are you could benefit from some formal education at a trade school, community college, or four-year university.

A bachelor's degree has always meant higher paying job opportunities than a high school diploma alone, and according to a 2014 report from the Pew Research Center, the advantages of a college education are greater than ever with bachelor's degree earners averaging $45,500 while those with only a high school degree average $28,000.

Besides the obvious difference in earning potential, more education means more employment opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the unemployment rate among those with a bachelor's degree is only 2.8%, but 5.4% among those who only graduated from high school (not to mention a concerning 8% for those who did not earn their high school diploma). If you're looking for consistent employment, meaningful work and lucrative pay then college is a path you should seriously consider!

Map it

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There are a lot of schools out there. Looking for something in your area? Or maybe you'd like a change of scenery. Consult this comprehensive map to browse colleges throughout the country, complete with addresses and phone numbers. Save your favorite schools for reference as you consider your options.

Paying for College

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We'll be honest, college isn't cheap, but there are lots of ways to get your education paid for! Apply for scholarships, grants and financial aid. But you will miss out on that dough if you don't meet deadlines, so stay ahead of the game. Check FAFSA's student aid deadlines for your state. If you are still in high school, meet with your guidance counselor for lists of scholarships and their deadlines. Keep motivated—the more you apply for, the more you can get!

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